There are several reason that you need CRM and why it should be Helmdeck

1 Helmdeck is a complex platform that can grow with your business needs

Besides it is a web-based application in a SaaS model we can adapt its functionality to specific needs of your business. Probably we already met similar demands. Ask us!

2 Quick to implement

Registration on our site plus few set ups and you’re good to go. Leave the technicalities to us and focus on how you are going to use all that saved data.

Of course we will help you with administration and employee training. We have a knowledge base and our support team is waiting for your requests.

3 Ease of use

We know there’s going to be a lot of data you want to keep and share. Our interface will help you use the best od customer database. Check out our clear and intuitive interface.

4 Efficiency and productivity

Correct data

Centralised and shared data will be used widely inside Helmdeck. Once the contact is saved you can access the proper info from all other modules.


Help yourself with repetitive tasks. Generate actions based on saved data. Keep flow of information which resonate with your’s company processes. In case you need something out of standard just ask us what can we do for you.


Our software is highly adaptive so do never see it as a cage for data but rather a canva which can be changed during its use. What type of change you need? Custom fields, forms, filters or even module designed under your thumb.

Sell effectively

Keep all opened processes under control. Check its statuses and current occupancy of the team. See who needs a guidance and who can you praise.

Cut costs

Reduce pointless work that Helmdeck can do instead of using your employees time. Let them focus on true meaning of good work and true relations with customers.

Stay updated

Quick analysis of closed activities or newly added leads will show you the growth of your company in real-time. All the data needed are within a grasp and there’s no need of asking anybody for reporting, just give them tool for every day chore.

5 Mobile, elastic, on time

Work methods changes, do you?


No matter where are you or your colleagues the need of information is crucial to fulfill. Helmdeck is accessible through web or mobile application.


Give us the specifictation for your needs and let us show you in which direction Helmdeck can change for these goals. Are there going to be  changes in the structure of information or additional source integrated through API?

On time

Whenever you log your data and application are always ‘fresh’ and updated. Start working on them whenever you need.

6 Security on every level

Up-to-date technologies and configurable access rights will keep your data safe

Security standards

All connections are made through SSH encryption and successful authorization. Helmdeck backup is made daily so you would never loose your data. Hierarchy and roles managed by internal administrator can reproduce even the most complex structures.

Access rights

Keep the rights to access organized and let the workers use only the data they need. Recreate own structure inside Helmdeck app.

7 Professional support

How can we help you?

Customer support

Write us whenever you have some issue or question. Contact us by chat, mail or phone.


From time to time we have special meeting that can help new or present clients in using the best of Helmdeck

Knowledge base

Full description of Helmdeck functionality is accessible through this link. Most of the questions are asked at least twice. Check if anybody has got the same already.

Would you like to see all above in action?

Try Helmdeck