Whole company in unified solution

Sales, marketing, quotes, invoices and many more in one integrated solution

Check Helmdeck 

Look after relations with your customers

make contact, build trust, gain more with knowledge you will gather and share in Helmdeck.

Contact archive

Meetings, mails, calls or internal notes. Log it all in the system. Store generated or uploaded documents. Complete history of cooperation you will find in one place.

Care about standards

Help yourself and coworkers with high quality service. You don’t have to adapt organization to the app, introduce your own solution. Adjust the forms and work with worked out solutions.

Straighten out contact base

Centrally shared information helps avoid duplication. Informations can be tagged and segmented. Define what details are crucial to fill in. Written down data you can filter and collate in reports.

Fulfil customer needs

Garner information for better understanding of clients preferences. Send apropriate quotes in the most relevant moment. Managing business relation was never that simple.

Outrun the competition

Systematically cumulated knowledge is presented in clear form, Helmdeck will help with analysis – thanks to that you can draw conclusions about your customer needs better and adapt to market faster than competitors.

Nurture leads

Separate list of potential clients assists with keeping order. Generate leads by marketing campaigns. Effective nurturing will drive conversion to your active customers base.

Increase sales opportunities

Keep negotiations in order. Deals divide separate talks when one customer has several topics open. For each one of them you will easilly mark the owner, actions taken and stages of negotiations. See what whole company is currently doing and which deals need more attention.

Gain time – work visually

Uncluttered calendars

Manage your work as efficient as never before. Plan your tasks, delegate to coworkers, organize meetings. Use the calendar interactivity and shareability.

Interactive map

See customer base in a new perspective. Provide sales team better delegation management. Filters allows to display chosen segment of clients, meetings or other records by defined parameters.

Dynamic tiles

Automate repeatable actions reach new comfort of work. Drag record on tile to change its status, plan activity or send a document. Define flow of automatization by yourself.

Outrun competition – quote and sell faster

Product base

Price and discount calculations doesn’t have to take long. Use own portfolio of products and services. Prepare offer so fast so you can send it while still on the phone.

In your visual policy

Keep several templates for different occasions and all of them in your design. Unify and speed up offer preparation with predefined content.

Built-in calculator

Avoid miscalculations. System will tally up the offer parameters. Generator has all the math needed inside.

When CRM is not enough

Implement all Helmdeck functions needed and introduce new standards of work

Invoices, inventory, payments, orders


Share all the information needed to orders execution. Do not overflow colleagues with unnecessary details. Review previous orders, manage new ones and control the ones that need attention.



Keep an eye on cashflow with banks and checkout module. Watch over transactions and potential income. With statuses you will easilly target outstanding payments.



See the financial side integrated with other customer data. Provide necessary knowledge for sales team decisions. Work continuously from offers through orders to invoices. Use your own templates and numerations.



Full register and stock managment. Keep all the documentation needed to change number of units and value in stock. Work also with barcodes or QR technology.


Integrated with other modules

Link products from offer with the one in stock that are elements of order. Forget about selling items already sold out. Make various tasks faster and avoid mistakes.

Integrated marketing

Use platform capabilities so sales and marketing work could complement each other


Forget exporting contact base to external applications. Send personalized campaigns to leads, clients or partners. Every mail will be added to individual relation with the contact and to raport from campaign.


Prepare scripts for your sales team and delegate them predefined set of activities. Built-in click2call and VoIP integration will help with reducing time needed.

Flow of information

Marketing and sales can compare the customer knowledge up-to-date and can adapt future actions or talks. Mutually shared activities history even for the mass created ones are accessible from one list.

And: quote generator, mailings, contracts generator, VoIP, Google Apps and Outlook plugins,  and many more…

Get full control

Plan business activities

Plan meetings, mails and phone calls. Use custom activity types. For each activity set dates, notes, attachments and responsible coworker. See your schedule as list, calendar or map.

Gather company knowledge

Build advantage by data saved in the system. You won’t miss important note or crucial detail. Save time and help with customer service with the informations stored in the app. At your disposition you have remarks, descriptions, dates, results, notes, tags and linking of all above.

On-demand reporting

Make accurate decisions based on actual data updated in real time. Draw conclusions, search and filter lists,  collate reports for analysis. Built-in customizable panels gives you instant access to all important informations. You can also export to external analytical tool.

Keep history of activities

Make use out of automatically generated archive. Easily find key informations and prepare collations for reporting. With one click export to xls and pdf format.

Delegate tasks

Share duties between coworkers and keep control of their fulfillment. Find out who is responsible for the task, case or relation with particular customer.

Lists and filters

Filter and verify quotes, deals, invoices, activities, orders – basically all the lists in the app. Search by any criterias needed. Collated results will show who sells how, which invoices was send, who is late with the payments etc.

Set up access rights

User’s access rights

Define roles and access linked to them . Developed multi-level hierarchy, mixed or flat structure – all of that you can map in the system and adapt through app usage. Give access individually or by group. Implement your security policy.

Adapt system to your needs

Use internal naming

Ease your work and introduce own naming in Helmdeck, create shared dictionaries, choice lists, statuses. We can add custom fields to forms in the system or define completely new form layouts.  Contact us!

Map your processes

System with quoting, orders and invoices is our proposition. If your processes are designed differently then we can together make the solution that  will support your demands. Maybe we already have something for you.  Let’s talk about your customizations.

Automate the work

You look out for full use of IT potential in support of your company needs? Allow us to save time of yours and your coworkers. Data can generate necessary reports or be added faster. You will see the difference quickly.   Find out what can we do for you.