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Managing users

These seetings you can use while being administrator. User who registered the account is an administator automatically.

Adding new users

In settings there are buttons Users list and Add user. The latter will show form which consist of information such as name, surname, email address and password of the user. The rest of the fields are additional data like initials or visible name. There are more settings for a user that enhance administrative control. It is recommended to set up permissions for every new user. It will enable or disable functionality and limit data scope according to this user role in organization.

Counting available users

You can always check how many users you have and what's their status on Users list. According to payments made you can extend the number of active users.

Users deactivation

Users can be deactivated by modifaction of their settings. There is checkbox responsible for that when editing particular user.
Deactivated user is not counted against available users.

Deleting users

In case you want to remove one of the user there is a delete button above this user details view. Confirm the removal and the user will be visible just in archival records.
CAUTION: This action is not reversible.
Deleted user is not counted against available users.