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Your customers, suppliers, intermediaries are grouped by the name of account. It is so as they should have been saved in a database as customer account, supplier account etc. That is helpful to later on link many other records in the system to such accounts (for example activities, invoices, addresses, contacts).


Automatic functions of the system that can create, update or delete other records and send notifications or other messages (even editable) between the user, other systems or third-party apps. There are few types of actions described further on.


Calendar events such as meetings and tasks to delegate like phone calls, emails and other are all types of activity. As created they are visible in several lists as an archive or schedule of communications with customer or task list to make and already done by users.


User that has administrator permissions set up. For that user there are special parts of system and functions by which they can manage other users work and access. There can be few administrators inside one application instance.


Payments to be paid according to Helmdeck usage. It is based on our pricing plans and additional services and also linked directly to number of users. Billing is generated automatically so changes made to your account settings influence the incoming invoice.


Filetype by which the data migration is best to be made. It's pure text form keep the issues like formatiing and formules out of import process. The best tool to work with such files we recommend is Notepad++.


The best view to look at the activities (events and tasks) of yours and your colleagues. You can see in such visual way planned and archived records and also coordinate work with others by access to their calendar. It is actually one big calendar of everything that is saved as activities. There are Month, Week and Day views available.


Group of restrictions saved as one to view records on list, trigger an action or enable some Helmdeck function. You can filter lists with conditions or make them a trigger that fire some action (ie send notification). There are many usages of conditions that depend on custom company needs.


details about a person or way of contacting linked to specific account. It can employee of your supplier or mail address used to send invoices for a customer. Any time you have more direct data than or call center number the contacts made your database much more clear.


Type of record that can gather info about services or sale made to customer describing time and scope details about the deal. Signed contract can not only be created and printed from the system faster than by using text editor. It is also more controlable, mistake-free way to give your team tools for everyday use. Contract can also interfere with other modules but need to be added and configured separately. Contracts belong to upper-level pricing plans.

Custom field

Way to create or recreate customized model of data by new fields in various types available. You can choose from many options like data fields, text inputs, checkboxes and dropdowns to make all the necessary details possible to be saved to specific record. An example can be adding a Birthday date to Contacts that allows for nice customer suprises if used in such way.


Sales opportunities your sales team creates manually or made by the system actions for example based on new email on sales inbox. They cover the details about the potential customer, size of the deal and schedule for closing it. Since then all the sales efforts are kept in a deal for later examination and analytics.

Email template

Before sending any type of automatic message you need a template that has the subject, content and attachments of the mail gathered together and enables for later edition of them.


Type of the activity that distinguish itself with the invitees section and address linked to it. It enables to save any meeting or conference or business lunch with any kind of importance.


Option of the lists to be downloaded by permitted user in an exact form visible. That means you can choose wich columns you need and apply some filters or even advanced conditions to create desired sheet to download in an .xls file.


Any distinctive information about the records (accounts, contacts, activities, invoices) needs separate field and in a type of the field. There are many types to choose from such as text, integer, checkbox, dictionary or lookup and many more. With the fields administrator can design forms for different record types for which the custom fields can be used as well.


Lists function enabling to segment the database based on various attributes. Filters use data stored about the records and can combine to get the expected result. Filtering is the foundation of any analytics and somteimes even replace it sufficiently.


Set of fields, grouped by sections used to register data to the system and show them later in similar manner. Form can be designed by administrator to show and enable saving various characteristics of the records added. It is also possible to nest a list between other form elements. Form can look differently based on create/show/edit view.


Data from legacy systems can be saved in Helmdeck with our importer. It enables to migrate accounts, contacts, leads and products info by linking columns from csv file to fields in chosen records. It is best to import prepared file - type, coding and data cleanliness.


Ability for two and more systems cooperation and data sharing. There are ready-made ones that demand only some kind of authorization for instant work together but if that's not enough we provide API for custom integrations. The only limits then to integrate are logic and budget.


Accounting document generated and send to customer as a proove of purchase. There are different types of invoices and they vary from country to country and they also can be made in visual policy of issuing them company. Helmdeck is prepared on many levels to be not-so-basic invoicing software however the accounting part (regionalities) will usually be somewhere else (or integrated).


This marketing term has a lot of definitions but generaly leads, as the name suggests, should lead to deal closed/won. This is the type of record of not yet proven quality such as phone number to check or those automatically received with contact form on company website. Leads are converted to accounts at the later stages (after some qualification). Highly recommended to teams with much standarized sales process.

Left pane

On most of the lists Quick filters are available to use from the left pane. It consist of system and custom filters corresponding to the list. Makes the database search and segmentation easier.


Record stored in system are available to see them with list view. That means columns (according to fields for that records and also those linked to them) and enables for sorting and segmentation. There can be several lists for one type of records and they can also be nested inside forms.


Company settings define the general localization settings such as language, timezone, regional date and currency settings. It is also possible for each and every user to set their preferences for themselves in desired scope. Any field left empty will be overwritten by company settings.

Top part of the system for navigation between modules and functions of Helmdeck. Most of the buttons direct to creation form (for records adding) or a list (for listing, sorting and segmentation). Menu elements allows for easy access to predefined form or list preferences.


Additional part of many of the forms giving the option to store another, more or less, structured data. They are easier to spot who and when create or modified such note. It is hard to delineate one particular usage of them, it mostly depend on team dynamic and processes standarization.


Ability of the system to remind or notify about anything that happened or is scheduled inside. They are based on actions so can react in a designed manner for various triggers. The most popular example is reminder about upcoming meeting. As these can be annoying we are waiting for your needs about notifications to configure them for you.


Collection of products in specified prices prepared massively or for specific customer. They can also embody company visual policy in the form of PDF generated and filled with data from the system. Thus it makes offers visually pleasing for customers and great part of sales analytics for you. Send them directly from the system, gather few within one deal, copy for next proposition, make and order or invoice out of them instantly.


Stage of the sales process by which customer confirms the offer ultimately. This is an non-obligatory step used mostly when the confirmation should be stored on paper as Order can get printed and signed or being send in PDF file. With orders it is extremely easy to manage work at hand and invoice after.


One of the user who is responsible for specific record. There can be only one user marked as owner per account, activity, contact, address etc. This makes the responsibility much more clear and visible.


Set of access to data and functions managed by administrators. With permissions the specific role of users can map this person role in organization. It allows or frobids for usage of certain type of functions (ie export, editing) and visibility of database sectors.

Definition that combine visual and data aspect of a printing made in the system. Print templates are based on freemarker templates with the access to data stored in Helmdeck. For example you are able to generate personalized offers or contract already filled with customer name and address.


Marking the importance of certain record. Mostly useful for activities when it is almost a must to know which task for the same hour is more of a necessity. The same is true for deals and many others. You can easily filter out those with priorites on lists and stay focused.


Any item saved in database. It can be new customer, contact details or another address of a supplier. Use adequate forms to create new records of a category.

Right pane

Quick preview is hidden by default. With the click of the button in the upper right part of the screen system shows blank space. It will show any record from the list that you want to preview by clicking next to their name inside a column. Give it a try to see how faster is scanning through database without leaving the list.


The set of permissions saved for specific usage. It can be designed to recreate certain roles of employees or special use-case function-based set ready to be applied to current and new users.


Module of the system designed to help with support related activities. It use information from other parts of the system like account details, payment info to better service of your customers within integrated solution. There are possible actions and automations that makes all the service tasks easier and faster (receiving emails, communication, jobs to be done and delivered).


Part of the system responsible for manners the work is made or recorded inside. There are many different parameters managing various modules of the application as there are company settings influencing users job as well as these users personal profiles.


The footer of all communication send from the system is signature of a sender. There is company footer added right below the personal ones so the combination of these makes a manageable signature for all users.


It is a well-known good practice to save the source of a information for it to be better understood or reviewed after some time pass. Sources can be met in various records but the most important one is in the account and deal to manage where do we got this client and how it come he brought some profit. It also enables to measure ROI of different sales/marketing channels.


Customizable way to mark at what state certain record is at the moment. It also can mean at what stage or similar methodologies but it can be also added separately with custome dictionary field. There are some default values to grasp the concept but the final voice belongs to your company processes.


System way to define the record and its visibility within the lists. Three default and non-changeable values are used to differ potential, active and inactive records and to hide the latter more or less from default views. That solution helps with keeping an archive of closed deals or lost customers for example.


Whenever your company want to track quantity of physical objects such as equipment or good ready to sell then the stock/inventory is a must. It helps to tracks every movement of the objects, the in and out operations with all the necessary details about date, places and quantity of them. Helmdeck enables of registering many inventories and easy movements between them. There are many usages of that functions but it should be said it is very strict module based on many restrictions keeping order in stock.


Almost everything can be tagged within Helmdeck. Moreover tags management allows for different ones for various modules. This separates account's tags from the contact's and so on. Although there are tags available for whole system it just need some justification. To keep the naming clean tags are managed by administrators only and when no tags are available for the module their buttons are hidden.


Type of activities that slightly differ from events. These are non-durational actionable records to save the to-do list and its realization. Planned and opened ones allow only for due date of the activity and the end date is filled automatically when saving with closed/cancelled state. Task can be delegated and reported even to some degree of project management capabilities inside Helmdeck.


A person with access to system that have personal profile and specific set of permissions based on role in your company. User according to this permissions can create or edit or read the data inside system. Users are also used as API connections or mail receivers to enable some types of automations. Monthly payment is based on number of users having access to the system.


The collection and continuity of processes recreated inside the system. Their design is much based on the company specification so the biggest benefit of Helmdeck is its elasticity to make them working as needed. Basically workflow is based on system events like saving, updating a record that triggers some actions if predefined condition were met. This concept can be adapted to many different usages however it is really worth exploring as it enable the biggest help to everyday chores.