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get to know everything about Helmdeck to maximize its value


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 {{imageconte>​true}} {{imageconte>​true}}
 {{imagesname>​background2.jpg}} {{imagesname>​background2.jpg}}
-{{imagehead1>​Nous sommes là pour vous aider}} +{{imagehead1>​We are here to help you}} 
-{{imagehead2>​Apprenez à tout connaître sur Timoniers pour en maximiser la valeur}} +{{imagehead2>​get to know everything about Helmdeck to maximize its value}} 
-{{imagesearc>​Rechercher...}}+{{imagesearc>​Search for an instant answer...}}
 {{searchmenu>​false}} {{searchmenu>​false}}
 {{rightmenus>​false}} {{rightmenus>​false}}
 {{page_title>​Support}} {{page_title>​Support}}
-{{descriptio>​TimoniersSupport ​Portal}}+{{descriptio>​Helmdeck Support ​Portal}}
 <​html>​ <​html>​
-<div class="​small-center-header">​Trouvez ce dont vous avez besoin</​div>​+<div class="​small-center-header">​Find what you need in</​div>​
  <div class="​menu-big-container">​  <div class="​menu-big-container">​
  <ul class="​ca-menu">​  <ul class="​ca-menu">​
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  <​span class="​ca-icon">​~</​span>​  <​span class="​ca-icon">​~</​span>​
  <​div class="​ca-content">​  <​div class="​ca-content">​
- <​h2 class="​ca-main">​Commencer</​h2>​ + <​h2 class="​ca-main">​Getting started</​h2>​ 
- <​h3 class="​ca-sub">​Start with Timoniers</h3>+ <​h3 class="​ca-sub">​Starting ​with helmdeck</h3>
  </​div>​  </​div>​
  </​a>​  </​a>​