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List views

Second of the main aproaches to work with data saved in Helmdeck is by List views.  List view inside the system. Usually forms or import were used to add new records and since then they are available to be listed in paginated view.
Listing means yo uwill see many records of one kind (accounts, contact, leads, activities) in a single window.
Paginated means that above chosen number of records (default 15) the rest will be accessible on the next pages.
There are some list features seen around that helps with looking at the dataset from different perspectives:

  • Columns - you can show or hide visible columns
  • Sorting - chose which columns sort your data and in ascending or descending order
  • Filters - on the left pane helps define scope of the dataset
  • Visible number - how many rows would you like to see on a page
  • Tags - add multiple tags to multiple records by checboxes on a list and tag select window
  • Preview - switch to preview mode or click on any record with ctrl+switch to see details without leaving the list
  • Conditions - advanced option that use created conditions to show only records who met them