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Welcome to Helmdeck!

Here you will find several advices and solutions concerning usage of the software.

There are some priority information that can stand as a very beginning. You can search for articles, examples, anwers, resources and videos that explain in details most of the app, if there is some material missing that you need, don't hesitate in contact us directly by submitting a ticket and we will provide to you a very quick response and assistance.

We are always trying to make our software easy to use, for that reason is important to us collect from you some tips and explanations about your experience using Helmdeck in order to make it easier and friendly for you to solve any kind of problems, especially when you are implementing a CRM for the very first time. We invite you then to explore our knowledge base.

Helmdeck can be used in various cases - it is not only a CRM or Support or Marketing application - it is a platform of all the above. It's modular design makes it appliable to different companies and departaments so what you can get from the app depends on what you would like to achieve. We and our partners would be more than happy to help you with addressing your needs. Do not hestitate to share comments on what you have found with your colleagues and our representatives. We would like to shape the support portal for greater help to all of our users.

You can get an user account in two ways:

  • by registering to Helmdeck by yourself or
  • receiving an invitation link from somebody with the permissions to use a profile already set up. Don't be surprised then when some of the articles we marked as for administrators.

We kindly invited you to take a look in our glossary for a better understanding of our website.

That's for starters. All the rest depends on your specific needs. As a next step we suggest our introductory video and the rest of Getting started page.