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From few of the list views or from Settings tab you can import data prepared in .csv file. The importer will allows you to assign your file columns to the fields of specific modules. You can import accounts, leads, contacts and products. In the first step you decide which module for the data you are using. There are basic settings for the different variations of the csv files. Then there is assignation for the columns and as the last step validity check. Before importing system will check if the data presented are correct. Let's describe it step by step:

  1. Prepare the data - decide what you want to import, avoid unnecessary information, clean and order it as much as you can
  2. Save as csv file - you can adapt importer to chosen column separator (, or ; or |)
  3. Check file coding - UTF-8 is the best
  4. Assign columns to fields - if you will use the same naming system will do it automatically
  5. Look at validation results and click import
  6. See the results - on particular lists (accounts, contacts, leads, products)