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Frequently Asked Questions
Interface and it's elements we had described as Getting started with the system.
CRM is a management methodology, in which IT can provide enormous support. You can find detailed description here.
Helmdeck is a connection between CRM and ERP for various usages, easily customizable for your company needs.
System can be customized to your team roles and permissions. Administrator (you or other user) can set what modules and functions are available for specific users.
There are many usages for integrations and we started from most important ones: Google Apps for work plugin and MS Outlook that ease the email logging of the communication archive. Both plugins can help in integrations.
Designing for a business use cases of Helmdeck we focused on a web application most. It is accessible by various web browsers on a PC or laptop. It is also available from mobile devices however it is not yet fully satisfing experience so we are working on that. We also work on native mobile app to take advantage of current smartphone capabilities which can create additional value like automatic call logging. We had started from the most popular platform - android.
Yes. There are two options to access Helmdeck from your smartphone:
You can find Android native app on Google Play Store or read about it more in our Knowledge Base. We are constatly expanding Helmdeck mobility for various usages.
Implementation & installation
There are many cooperation model with CRM producers. The biggest difference is between on premise and on demand solutions. The latter, also called Software as a Service SaaS (Helmdeck itself) are IT soultions that do not demand huge investments into own servers, internal IT department, licenses. It helps to economize even 60%. Between them you can find those that price over database size or, like with Helmdeck, on the per user basis. For further details here's link to our pricing.
It is hard to define standard process of implementation as a common for all companies. However typical procedure tries to stick to following scheme:
  • Needs analysis
  • Configuration based on analysis
  • Data import
  • Personalization of print templates
  • Integration with other software
  • Users training
All of those stages according to your company needs and level of customization can be shortend to few days. Bigger needs will demand proportionally longer periods.
This measure is mostly connected to the specific needs of your company. If there are none customizations needed then Helmdeck is ready to use. Also the number of users and variety of their roles needs different functions and training. Bigger implementations can take even several months.
Basically our application serves you in a SaaS model which means it is accessible online through web browser There is no need of any installation for logging to and use Helmdeck.
For MS Outlook you can download and install our plugin. It looks after contact data, automates process of adding mail to contact history so all the necessary information you can add and find later inside Helmdeck without leaving Outlook.
We have several possibilities to integrate with your mail account, the easiest way through our plugins: We also offer other ways to integrate with BCC redirections, webhooks and API. Moreover to certain degree Helmdeck allows for sending some part of mails to customers manually or automatically.
WHile sending mails (such as offers, orders, invoices, campaigns) Helmdeck use its own mail servers, however the sender's details will be those belonging to the user. So besides setting the user email address in w user settings there are no additional necessary settings.
To the system you can import your existing data. There are two possibilities to made it: Import is available from several lists:
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Products
Importer verifies imported database for duplicates. It specifically looks for Name and company number. When it met identical values in these fields for two different records the import error for the second one will be promted. When the name or company number is already stored in system then Helmdeck will skip this record.
Form edition and field management is available only for administrators. From the settings it is possile to add various custom fields to the records. Forms can be even made in custom design (field placement, sizes, available data, validation) to recreate company needs in this area.