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 {{descriptio>​Activities in Helmdeck}} {{descriptio>​Activities in Helmdeck}}
 ====== Activities ====== ====== Activities ======
 +The big part of data stored inside Helmeck are activities. That broad term means both tasks and events such as mettings, calls, emails and other.\\
 +Let's disitinct them and explain what that means for the everyday usage.
 +  * **Events** have the ability to set beginning and end date because you usually want to schedule how long time is booked for that activity. Example of such are **meetings**. You are able to add many members to the meeting and have them visible to other users than single owner.
 +  * **Tasks** are oftenly much diveresed group and you can plan only a beginning of them. There are default **calls** and **mails** but you can define your own types of tasks accessible through **other** for example cleaning or supplies. Tasks have one responsible owner but can be delegated to other by changing the owner.
 +===== Adding new activities =====
 +===== Editing/​Closing=====
 +===== Managing members of a meeting =====
 +===== Delegating tasks=====
 +===== Creating new types of tasks =====