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We’ve got the solution for your customers needs. Helmdeck Partner Program is built for partners like you who want to offer comprehensive services based on well-designed Helmdeck sales platform. We’ve made it easy to implement Helmdeck on the technical side, Customers need you to prepare the system for their specific case and train them in its usage.

How does it work?

Fill out the short sign-up form and we will contact you shortly for short qualification.
Login to your partner account and use personal link for referrals or register new leads.
Whenever your registered or reffered lead become paid customer you earn commission. There’s 60 days verification period.
Helmdeck partner program works best with some volume of leads genereted each month so we encourage you to fill commitment of at least 3 leads for special offerings.
Inside partner portal there’s plenty of insights for you to check your leads staistics. Real-time data about leads generated, subscriptions paid and commissions earned.
We’ll help you with Helmdeck’s best marketing, sales, and implementation templates. With them you’ll be able to generate high-quality leads and upsell your current paying accounts easier.

How much will I earn?

As the huge part of efforts came from your activities we are happy to share lifetime commission for all payments and upgrades linked with your leads. There’s 20% commission for annual payments and upgrades as well as 10% for all monthly ones.
We secure our mutual interest by 60 days of payment verification so the commission will be paid after this period each time.
All additional services like trainings or implementation you provide to customer are in 100 % your earnings.

Additional Bonuses

Free 10-user enterprise account for your own usage when you fullfill our partner commitments.
Best marketing, sales and implementation materials that makes the selling and service easier.
Support and guidance by our experienced partner success managers.

What we expect?

To ensure your stream of revenue is stable we encourage strongly to generate at least 3 leads monthly.
To be sure it is clear how you and your customers get Helmdeck value delivered fast we require you to get to know our tutorials.

Why should I join?

Helmdeck is a comprehensive solution for variety of customer needs. It is then appliable as complementary offering for IT and business consultants (sales, marketing consultants, etc).
Stable foundations plus customizations of Helmdeck makes your portfolio offering more valuable.
Partner program is free to join and the only investment is some time to access our tutorials and knowledge base as well as our pre-made sales materials for you.

Track your Partner sales record

Inside partner portal you see exactly how much you get from being a partner. Check in real-time generated leads, declining trials, paid subscriptions and commission earned. All your results in one place.

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